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My Daily activities (Tugas dari Rima, the best teacher)

dear rima…, my best teacher

yesterday, i had a story about my best exsperience. what do you think about this story rima? funny?

Rima….now… I want to tell my story about my daily activities, because from this story, maybe you can know who I am! hehehe….This story more important for you, because Next year or next time, I will become a famous people and at that time, maybe many people find me to request my signature. hehehe… So, before this happen, I want you to know how I am and I want to give  my signature for you. ^^

Ok…are you ready to read my story?? lets begin!

everyday, My life is very happy. I Have many daily activities make me happy. I wake up at 03.00 o clock to pray , if you know in my religion called “sholat tahajud”. It makes my brain always positive thinking and ready to do my daily activites. Do you know, rima? who help  me to wake up?

right rima!!I can wake up because my red waker. It is gift from my lovely junior  in CRC (curcumin research center) when I  hubbub or many friends called “menggalau”. Do you want to see it?


do you know? that red waker very noise, very very noise, in indonesian called “berisssssssssiiiiiiiiikkkk” like bell in boxing competition. but, I say thank you for Any, Qisti, Halida, Uli, and other. they are good juniors but sometime bad juniors, hehehe..peace!!

After pray, I always go to the kitchen. You know certainly, what do I want!!^^, (at the moment I wrote this story, my stomach like yelling “krucuk – krucuk, hehee).

sometime, I also wake my sister up, if she requests me. Oh…ya, she is Amanda Kurniasih. Like me, she has a black skin, but sweet, she has a smart brain, but sometime “pekok”, do you know, “pekok” rima??? It means  fool. One thing that makes me different with her is she always has a boy friend but I have not.(just kidding,it’s not true because I don’t have a girl friend does not mean I ‘m not handsome,it is because I don’t want many girls hurted) ^^

I study Until “adzan subuh”, this is the time to pray, and her too, studys but different, I study about drugs, and she “studys” about facebook or study about how to good style to accept call from her boy friend, hehehe, peace !!!

After pray “subuh”, we go to tiram mushrom garden, and harvest mushrom. she pours over the garden, and I prepare mushrom into pack in order that ready for selled in market. She doesn’t collect the mushroom, because it ‘s my job. She only pours over, and then goes to kitchen for help mother.


do you know rima??? What happen in market?exactly traditional market!.

don’t you know? Oh…rima, why you are not guess? OKe, if you are not answer, I will tell what happen in traditional market.

in traditional market, many people want my “dagangan”. Do you know “dagangan”? dagangan is commodity to sell for customer. May be you must learning indonesian language more hard than now, hehehe…peace!! Oke, I continue to tell you what happen in traditional market. not until five minute, All my dagangan have saled. FIve minute, rima!!!quick time to get money.

this money make me happy, altought not many, but I happy because I can money from my hard work manage garder.

maybe…. just my activity in morning day, every day that can tell you, but with this story, I sure make you think how am I. So..when I became famous people, You can story with your friends, “he is my student!! I have a him signature!!”.hehehe… 

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